Promoting the Love of Soccer for all Levels of Play

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Promoting the Love of Soccer for All Ages and All Levels!

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE SCOG Monthly General Membership Meeting

The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS. Please Come, Listen and Share.

Typically the 2nd Thursday of the Month 7:15 PM at the Community Center!

The next meeting is September 10, 2015

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Parent Volunteer Registration

U03-U05 In-House Recreational
Saturday Clinic Program

2015 Fall U06-U10
In-House Recreational Soccer

2015 Fall U10 Travel - ONE SEASON

2015 Fall U11-U14
Travel Recreational(NOT TRAVEL COMP)

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Parent Volunteer Registration:

  • In-House Rec Commissioners U06 - U10
  • Travel Rec Coach or Asst Coach One Season Commitment Fall OR Spring
  • Travel Comp Asst Coach or Manager U11-U14 Two Season Commitment Fall/Spring
  • Travel Comp Asst Coach or Manager U15-U19 One Season Commitment Spring

Who Should Register Here?
All Commissioners, Coaches, All Assistant Coaches, And All Managers Whether Paid Or Not should Register here now!

Register but DO NOT PAY for your players registration if volunteering. We will apply appropriate credits first and they request balance payment. Please contact the SCOG Web Admin at   to have your credit applied after registering here.

In-House Recreational Soccer Programs
All In-House Rec. (U6-U10) require a volunteer Head Coach and an Assistant Coach to organize each team’s on-the-field activities. 

Travel Recreational Soccer Programs
All Travel Rec. Teams (U11-U14) require a volunteer Head Coach and an Assistant Coach to organize each team’s on-the-field activities. Teams can also have a Manager who coordinates the scheduling of game dates/fields with other teams. 

Travel Comp and Premier Soccer Programs
All Comp and Premier Teams (U10-U18) have a Paid Head Coach but need a Parent Assistant Coach(PAC) and a Manager to function properly. The Parent Assistant Coach is responsible to assist the head coach with day to day soccer coaching responsibilities. In the coaches absence the PAC will assume all head coaching responsibilities. In doing so, the head coach will provide the PAC with the training and or game lesson plans and lineup instructions. The Manager is responsible for among other items: weekly scheduling confirmations and changes, sending out team communications, is responsible for player passes and roster for all games, corner flag setup and removal.


Player Fee Rebate Schedule      
Group Member Position Held Player Fee Rebate  Frequency   Note 
Board Member $200.00  Per Season   1,2 
Comp/Premier Coach $0.00  NA   1,2,3 
Comp/Premier Parent Assistant Coach $200.00  Per Season   1,2 
Comp/Premier Manager $100.00  Per Season   1,2 
Travel Rec Coach $125.00  Per Season   1,2,4 
Travel Rec Parent Assistant Coach $125.00  Per Season   1,2,4 
Travel Rec Manager $0.00  Per Season   1,2,4 
In-House Rec Commissioner $80.00  Per Season   1,2,5 
1) In the situation where an individual plays multiple roles only one discount, the higher, will be given.
2) The discount provided shall not exceed the Player Fee. The club will not pay the member cash.
3) Comp/Premier Coach does not get Player Fee Rebate as they are paid for their time.
4) Travel Rec player fee rebate will be given to only 2 "Coaching" members. No Managers Rebate Fee.
5) In-House Rec player fee rebate will be given to only Commissioner members.

- All volunteers must register in this program each season.
- To volunteer in this program your birth date must be filled in on your personal profile before trying to register.
- Any volunteers not registering in this program will not be identified on the system in their assigned role as we use this program to assign the volunteer.
- Any player fee rebates must be applied for by contacting the SCOG Treasurer or SCOG Web Administrator.
- This Rebate program did not exist before Spring 2012. Rebates from prior seasons will not be given so apply early.

To volunteer, please click on Begin Registration.

Base Cost: $0.00

Opened: 06/12/2015 Closes: 09/15/2015

Open to: Men & Women


29 registrations


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Alex Morgan's Advice to Parents


Alex Morgan's Advice to Parents: Be Supportive, Respect Boundaries

by Mike Woitalla, April 15th, 2015 4:55PM


By Mike Woitalla

Ask her coaches past or present to describe Alex Morgan's attributes and the answers are always similar: fast, strong, lethal with her right and left foot, and good in the air.

“Those are things I worked on for years,” said the 25-year-old Morgan, who will lead the U.S. attack at the Women’s World Cup this summer.

Morgan started playing soccer in Southern California AYSO: “All my best friends played AYSO. Our parents were the coaches and managers.”

She didn’t start playing club ball until age 13, but at age 10 her father, Michael, bought her a Kwik Goal.

“He bought one of the full-size nets you can build on your own, because there weren’t full-size goals for kids to shoot on where I grew up,” Morgan said. “During high school I worked out with my dad three times a week for about an hour. He’d be goalkeeper and I’d shoot from both sides, using my right and left foot.”

At age 15, she started working out in the gym with a trainer, “helping me get strong, helping me get sharp, helping me with balance. … Things that have become my strengths are things that I worked on diligently the last 10 years. It didn’t just come naturally.”

We asked Morgan to offer some advice for parents of aspiring young players.

“My parents were very supportive and positive,” she said. “My mom [Pam] was always the super positive, supporting parent and my dad was the thinker who wanted me to see how I could make myself better and help the team. But at the same time, he would listen to me when I said had enough. When my dad wanted to talk about soccer-specific stuff and I didn’t want to hear it -- I would tell him and he’d listen.

“I had a good balance and an honest relationship with my parents.”

Morgan, who grew up playing a variety of sports and started competitive soccer later than is common in today’s youth soccer landscape, says a player's ambition must ultimately come from within.

“I think now that girls are committing to competitive soccer at such a young age,” she said, "parents feel a responsibility to push the child -- but if you’re into soccer and passionate, you push yourself. If parents push too much, it can backfire.

“It’s great sometimes for parents to talk about the game with their kids. But I think parents sometimes overstep the boundaries and start acting like a coach. … And right after a game is not the best time to talk about it.”




by posted 08/04/2015
Field Status
Adams Gym - Guilford  -- 
Adams Soccer - Small - Guilford  -- 
Baldwin Upper - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Bittner Park 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Chittenden 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Cox - Lower 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Cox - Upper Left 8v8 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Cox - Upper Right 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Guilford High Turf 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
Jacobs Beach - Guilford  -- 
Lakes Gym - Guilford  -- 
Leete #1 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete #2A - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete #2B - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete #3 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete #5A - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete #5B - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete Grids - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Leete Gym - Guilford  -- 
Long Hill Park-Rear 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
LongHillPark-Front 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (9/1) 
Meetings Location - Guilford  -- 
Melissa Jones Gym - Guilford  -- 
Nut Plains - Front Small - Guilford  -- 
TBD 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
TBD 8v8 - Guilford  -- 
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