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Monthly General Membership Meeting

The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS.

Please Come, Listen and Share.

The Meeting is typically the

2nd Thursday of the Month at 7:15 PM !

The next meeting is April 12, 2018

at 7:15 PM at the Guilford Community Center



2017 Winter Indoor Play   Programs will be announced in November 2017.
2018 Spring Parent Volunteer Registration Will Open February 2018
2018 Spring In House Rec U03-U05  Registration Opens in 2018
2018 Spring U05-U10 In House Rec REGISTRATION OPEN: Register Here.
2018 Spring U10 Travel (Paid Coach) REGISTRATION OPEN: Register HERE
2018 Spring U11-U14 Travel Rec (Volunteer Coach)

REGISTRATION OPEN: Register HERE.  Early bird ends 2/18.

2017-2018 U11-U15 Travel (Paid Coach) Payments CLOSED - Teams formed. Contact Travel Director for availability
2018 Spring 15U-19U Travel (Paid Coach) Pre-Register HERE.  Closes January 10, 2018


The Soccer Club of Guilford is changing websites
The Soccer Club of Guilford is changing websites!
Hello Soccer Club of Guilford (SCOG) members,
All families/members that wish to receive future event notifications, registration announcements and wish to participate in future events must read and register soon. 
Connecticut Soccer is changing how we all interact. The CT Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) currently had a variety of systems the public and club administrators interact with. To improve service to all clubs and families, CJSA has contracted with Blue Star Sports as the single vendor for all its services. As a benefit of this new set of services, all districts and clubs will be able to utilize this new system so we are fully integrated and reduce the workload on parents and volunteers. 
No information from the existing system will be transferred to the new system. This includes you login id, email address and password. After this Spring 2018 season we will be sending all notices from the new system. If you are not in the new system you will not receive notices. All registration for summer camps and Fall 2018 will be done in the new system. Travel team evaluations this spring for next fall will be done in the new system. 
All you need to do is use the below link to register all members of your family. 
During this one registration you will be able to add Parents/Guardians and multiple players all at once. The new state registration system has emergency contact and medical information built into the system. As such you will need to enter this information for the players. The club will most likely not need to collect this information on paper moving forward but this needs to be reviewed.
Please know that all communications for Fall 2018 will be from the new system. You must register if you wish to recieve the notices.
If you have any questions or issues please contact the SCOG Web Admin(Joe) at 
Thank you. 

by posted 05/07/2018
SCOG New Uniforms - Must Read

To all Soccer Club of Guilford travel players,

Please read this e-mail. It is in your best interest to take a couple minutes and take note of the very import information below. 


As those of you who have been in the club for some time are aware, the uniform vendors change their uniforms every two years. This causes clubs around the country to constantly be outfitted in a new uniform design. This is not something club personnel do on our own just because we want to be in a new uniform. We are forced to do so by the vendors Adidas, Nike, Under Armour etc... Currently the SCOG teams are in three different uniforms from Nike. They are all somewhat similar. The club has been trying to keep the all teams in the same uniforms for as long as we can. We fill in with similar uniforms as needed. This causes problems as teams do share players and if all player of a team are not in the same uniform referees can get a little sticky. 

To alleviate the change in uniforms every two years the club has reviewed opportunity's from several vendors to have one uniform moving forward with no time limit. This type of uniform is called dye sublimation. This is considered a semi-custom uniform. The club will not have to change our uniform unless we choose to do so or the vendor goes out of business. After review of options the club has chosen to use New Balance uniforms moving forward. The quality of the uniform pieces are equal to or better than the Nike products we have been using. The uniforms will not be changed every two years so you will only buy when you need or chose to purchase a new one. The uniforms will be dyed with the club colors and the club logo direct from the manufacturer. Team Sports, our current local vendor and our vendor moving forward, will apply only the numbers. Dye sublimation should save families over the life of the uniforms. Getting the SCOG uniforms from New Balance does have a lead time so we encourage all to order early when uniform ordering becomes available. We will work with Team Sports to potentially carry a handful of SCOG uniforms in stock. 

For Spring 2018 we are using the existing Nike uniforms. You should buy only what you need and nothing more. The NIke uniforms will NOT be used in the Fall 2018 season. The Nike uniforms will NOT match the New Balance uniforms so once again will not be used in Fall 2018. 

The SOCG uniform store is open 365 days a year and can be found on the club website or by clicking here. This store will remain open with Nike products and Team Sports will try to get what you need from Nike but please Order Early if you know you need something and order ONLY what you need for this Spring 2018.

The SCOG uniform store will open with the new products as a Bulk Order Store in the spring. Please order for the fall when it opens.

Also, since the new uniforms will be used by players longer we are going to be suggesting strongly some players adjust numbers to avoid conflicts at older ages. 

That is all for now and thank you for reading. 


Joe Guerra

SCOG Web Admin

by posted 01/28/2018
Concussion Awareness

Hello All SCOG Members,

Important information from CJSA to all CT Soccer Players:

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a law regarding concussions in youth athletics. This new law requires that as of January 1, 2016, CJSA and each of its member clubs make available to each player and their parents or legal guardian, at the time of a player’s registration, a written or electronic statement regarding concussions. 

To assist our member clubs with this obligation, we have attached 2 files to assist you in this process.

  1. ​CJSA Concussion Cover Letter 2015 10 25 v1
  2. CJSA Concussion Awareness Form 2015 10 16 v1.2

Additional information can be found on

Concussion Information from the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association(CJSA)

November, 2015

U. S. Soccer indicates it will announce in the near future, specific details, including a number of new initiatives and recommendations concerning the modification of substitution rules and limitations on heading the ball as well as a more comprehensive player safety campaign. Click here for more information 

October, 2015

Effective January 1, 2016 each CJSA club is required to make available either a written or electronic statement regarding concussions to each youth athlete (i.e. all CJSA players) and the parent or legal guardian of each player participating in any youth athletic activity. The law requires that this written or electronic information be made available at the time of registration of each player and must be consistent with the most recent information provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding concussions.

Player/Parent Concussion Awareness Form

August, 2015

Concussion Awareness for Coaches, Parents, Players

Heads Up Concussion - Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

Section 114 of Connecticut Public Act 15-5, Concussion Awareness in Youth Athletics

February, 2015

Click on the link below to view the written public hearing testimony that CJSA forwarded to Connecticut’s Committee on Children in connection with the Committee’s public hearing on H.B. No. 6722 (Raised) RE: An Act Concerning Concussions in Youth Athletics scheduled Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Maggie Girard, CJSA President, and Thom Meredith, CJSA Executive Director will attend the hearing.

CJSA's written public hearing testimony to Connecticut's Committee on Children

Click here to see the full hearing video.
Maggie Girard's testimony can be seen at mark 5:09:45
 (5 hours, 9 minutes)

October, 2014

The CJSA Board has adopted the US Youth Soccer Concussion Policy for its events (Cups, ODP and YPDP). 

 We encourage your clubs to review these policies.

Concussion Procedure & Protocol for CJSA Soccer Events
Concussion Notification form for CJSA Events

by posted 12/10/2015
Upcoming Games
Field Status
Adams Soccer 9v9 - Guilford  -- 
Bittner Park 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Chittenden 9v9 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Community Center - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Cox - Lower 9v9 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Cox - Upper Left 9v9 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Cox - Upper Right 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
GHS - Stadium Turf 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
GHS - Upper Grass 9v9 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Lakes Gym - Guilford  -- 
Leete #1 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Leete #2A 7v7 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Leete #2B 7v7 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Leete #3 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Leete #4 9v9 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Leete #5A 4v4 - Guilford  -- 
Leete #5B 4v4 - Guilford  -- 
Leete Grids - Guilford  -- 
Leete Gym - Guilford  -- 
LongHillPark-Rear 11v11 - Guilford OPEN (6/20) 
Meetings Location - Guilford  -- 
TBD 11v11 - Guilford  -- 
TBD 7v7 - Guilford  -- 
TBD 9v9 - Guilford  -- 
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