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Monthly General Membership Meeting

The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS. Please Come, Listen and Share.



The Meeting is typically the

2nd Thursday of the Month at 7:15 PM in the Community Center!

The next meeting is December 10, 2015

2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 1

Field Player Technical Training U10-U12 - Nov-Jan


Registration Now Open. Closes 11/25. Not Available 11/26

2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 2

Goal Keeper Training U10-U12 Boys and Girls - Nov-Jan

    Registration Now Open. Closes 11/25. Not Available 11/26

2015-2016 Winter - Clinic 3

Tech work & Speed/Agility U10-U14 Boys and Girls - Jan-Mar

    Registration Now Open. Closes 01/04. Not Available 01/05

2015-2016 Winter - Happy Feet Session 1

Ages U03-U05 Boys and Girls - Jan-Feb

    Registration Now Open. Closes 01/01. Not Available 01/02

2015-2016 Winter - Happy Feet Session 2

Ages U03-U05 Boys and Girls - Feb-Mar

    Registration Now Open. Closes 02/12. Not Available 02/13

2015-2016 Winter - In House Ages Clinic 1

U06-U09 - Jan-Feb

    Registration Now Open. Closes 12/28. Not Available 12/29

2015-2016 Winter - In House Ages Clinic 2

U06-U09 - Feb-Mar

    Registration Now Open. Closes 02/11. Not Available 02/12



2016 Spring In House Rec U03-U05 Happy Feet


Registration Planned to Open In February

2016 Spring U06-U10 In House Rec


Registration Planned to Open In February

2016 Spring U11-U14 Travel Rec


Registration Planned to Open In February

2016 Spring U15-U19


Registration Planned to Open In February

2016 Fall In House Rec U03-U05 Happy Feet

    Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall Parent Volunteer Registration

    Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U06-U10 In House Rec


Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U10 Travel

    Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall

2016 Fall U11-U14 Travel Rec

    Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall

2016-2017 U11-U14 Travel Comp

    Registration to Open Late Spring for Fall


CJSA Concussion Message

CJSA Connecticut Junior Soccer Association


November 12, 2015

Dear CJSA Members:

Earlier this week, soccer’s national governing body, the United States Soccer Federation, announced (see membership notice below) that a resolution has been reached in a 2014 lawsuit filed against U.S. Soccer, Unites States Youth Soccer Association and a number of other American soccer organizations by a group of citizens concerned by concussions in youth soccer.

U. S. Soccer indicates it will announce in the near future, specific details, including a number of new initiatives and recommendations concerning the modification of substitution rules and limitations on heading the ball as well as a more comprehensive player safety campaign U. S. Soccer was working on before the litigation was initiated. We understand that the new recommendations include the elimination of heading the ball by players 10 years of age and limiting heading during any practice session for players between the age of 11 and 13.

CJSA will provide you these details as well as any corresponding timelines for implementation as soon as they are received from the Federation or U S Youth Soccer. Any new updates will also be posted on CJSA’s website at

Since the U. S. Soccer announcement, CJSA has received a number of media requests for comment. CJSA will not be making any comments on this issue until U. S. Soccer provides specific details on these new recommendations and associated timelines. CJSA is requesting that its members also refrain from making any comment and, as requested in the notice, forward any local media inquiries you may receive to Neil Buethe, U. S. Soccer’s Director of Communications at: /312-528-1270.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all CJSA member clubs that earlier this year the Connecticut General Assembly passed a new law regarding concussions in youth athletics. This new law requires that as of January 1, 2016, CJSA and each of its member clubs make available at the time of a player’s registration, a written or electronic statement regarding concussions to each CJSA player and their parents or legal guardian. This new requirement was highlighted last August at CJSA’s annual President’s Meeting in Cromwell.

To assist member clubs with this obligation, CJSA has developed and made available on its website a notice which provides information compiled from the materials distributed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Member clubs will be receiving additional information via a separate email.

Thank you.


Maggie Girard
CJSA President


11 Executive Drive
Farmington, CT 06032

Phone: 860-676-1161
Fax: 860-676-1162

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by posted 11/12/2015
U.S. Soccer Provides Additional Information About Safety

U.S. Soccer Provides Additional Information About Upcoming Player Safety Campaign

CHICAGO (Nov. 9, 2015) - Earlier today, a joint statement was issued regarding the fact that a resolution has been reached in the concussion litigation filed in August of 2014 against U.S. Soccer, United States Youth Soccer Association, American Youth Soccer Organization, US Club Soccer and the California Youth Soccer Association.

To provide additional clarification on the joint statement, U.S. Soccer is providing the following details: 


In the statement, it was announced that U.S. Soccer will be releasing a comprehensive player safety campaign in the coming months. The genesis for developing the campaign was unrelated to the lawsuit as U.S. Soccer has been working on a player safety campaign since long before the lawsuit was filed. The campaign was developed with the help of medical experts to provide coaches, players, parents and referees with information, guidance and additional educational materials to improve the management of injuries, including concussions.

The initiative will not only include information about head injuries, but also other important player safety topics such as heat-related illness and injury prevention.


The statement also provided information on specific initiatives that will be implemented soon, including modifications to substitution rules in relation to concussions, eliminating heading for children 10 and under, and limiting the amount of heading in practice for children between the ages of 11 and 13.

These are recommendations for youth members because some of the youth members joining in the initiative do not have direct authority at the local level to require the adaption of the rules. Although these are only recommendations, they are based on the advice of the U.S. Soccer medical committee, and therefore U.S. Soccer strongly urges that they be followed.

U.S. Soccer has implemented these rules as requirements for players that are part of U.S. Soccer's Youth National Teams and the Development Academy. It should be noted that Youth National Teams will continue to be bound by the substitution rules of the events in which they participate.

Protecting the health and safety of athletes and preventing injuries is critically important to U.S. Soccer. U.S. Soccer has taken a lead in education, research and proposing rule changes to improve player safety for several years, and is looking forward to continuing in that leadership position with the release of the player safety campaign.

For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions document which should help clarify questions regarding the new initiatives.

by posted 11/10/2015
A Lecture on the NCAA process

A Lecture on the NCAA process

On Monday, December 7th, SCOG Director of Coaching, Josh Krusewski, will be conducting a seminar for all high school age soccer players. The seminar will cover most of what you need to know if you are interested in competing at the college level, in any sport (most rules are same across sports). It will be a lecture format followed by a question & answer session. 

This seminar is appropriate for any player that is currently enrolled in high school. Due to the suggested timeline of these steps, freshman are also encouraged to attend.

Click Here to Register

Please join us from 6:00-8:00pm in the Quonnipaug Room at the Community Center

Topics to be discussed, but not limited to;

  • Division 1, 2 and 3 - What's the difference?
  • The "scholarship"
  • How to communicate with college coaches during the process
  • Parent involvement in the process
  • Myths vs. Facts
  • When should this process start, timeline
  • Am I eligible to play / NCAA Eligibility Center
  • How to market myself vs. recruiting services
  • The Coaches approach to recruiting
  • NCAA rules within the process


If you have any questions, please contact Josh at .

Click Here to Register

Josh Krusewski Director of Coaching - Soccer Club of Guilford


by posted 10/22/2015
Alex Morgan's Advice to Parents


Alex Morgan's Advice to Parents: Be Supportive, Respect Boundaries

by Mike Woitalla, April 15th, 2015 4:55PM


By Mike Woitalla

Ask her coaches past or present to describe Alex Morgan's attributes and the answers are always similar: fast, strong, lethal with her right and left foot, and good in the air.

“Those are things I worked on for years,” said the 25-year-old Morgan, who will lead the U.S. attack at the Women’s World Cup this summer.

Morgan started playing soccer in Southern California AYSO: “All my best friends played AYSO. Our parents were the coaches and managers.”

She didn’t start playing club ball until age 13, but at age 10 her father, Michael, bought her a Kwik Goal.

“He bought one of the full-size nets you can build on your own, because there weren’t full-size goals for kids to shoot on where I grew up,” Morgan said. “During high school I worked out with my dad three times a week for about an hour. He’d be goalkeeper and I’d shoot from both sides, using my right and left foot.”

At age 15, she started working out in the gym with a trainer, “helping me get strong, helping me get sharp, helping me with balance. … Things that have become my strengths are things that I worked on diligently the last 10 years. It didn’t just come naturally.”

We asked Morgan to offer some advice for parents of aspiring young players.

“My parents were very supportive and positive,” she said. “My mom [Pam] was always the super positive, supporting parent and my dad was the thinker who wanted me to see how I could make myself better and help the team. But at the same time, he would listen to me when I said had enough. When my dad wanted to talk about soccer-specific stuff and I didn’t want to hear it -- I would tell him and he’d listen.

“I had a good balance and an honest relationship with my parents.”

Morgan, who grew up playing a variety of sports and started competitive soccer later than is common in today’s youth soccer landscape, says a player's ambition must ultimately come from within.

“I think now that girls are committing to competitive soccer at such a young age,” she said, "parents feel a responsibility to push the child -- but if you’re into soccer and passionate, you push yourself. If parents push too much, it can backfire.

“It’s great sometimes for parents to talk about the game with their kids. But I think parents sometimes overstep the boundaries and start acting like a coach. … And right after a game is not the best time to talk about it.”




by posted 08/04/2015
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